Seasonal Bundle #3: Whole body cleanse and nourish bundle

It gives us great pleasure in presenting the third of our self-care seasonal bundles, featuring a heavenly combination of our Rose & Melissa Soap, Damascena Hand & Body Lotion and Tuberose & Lotus Balm. Combined for the ultimate whole body self-care ritual, feel cleansed, moisturised, deeply nourished and smelling intoxicatingly beautiful from top to toe this winter. 

Melissa Soap

Rose & Melissa Soap

A celebration of two of our favourite plants, Melissa officinalis and Rosa damascena, combined with the ultra moisturising properties of freshly pressed argan and hemp seed oils, to cleanse and nourish hands, body and hair. 

Beautiful in the bath, shower or sink deeply hydrating and cleansing, it will make your entire body feel restored and smelling fresh and invigorated. 

As with all of our aromatics we work directly with the communities who grow and produce the nature you find in each product, in dealing directly with producers and their communities, we undertake to ensure that everyone is supported fairly.

Each bottle of Melissa & Rose Soap is infused with precious aromatics of:

Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm) A certified organic oil from Karlovo, Bulgaria hydro-distilled from freshly harvested Melissa in June 2020. The Melissa is grown amongst the roses in this celebrated Bulgarian rose valley.

Rosa Damascena, From a small Sufi community who run an agricultural initiative near Kermanshah in west Iran. This is a raw and unrefined 1st distillation of Rosa damascena, produced in extremely limited quantities. The oil is an outstanding, raw expression of the damascena, that truly articulates the essence of the rose and the land from which it is grown and produced. 

Damascena Hand & Body Lotion

Damascena Hand & Body Lotion

A true expression of the Damascena rose, this is a luxurious hydrating lotion infused with some or our most precious rose distillates in combination with vintage sandalwood and hints of hypnotic tuberose. Highly moisturising and nourishing for the skin, each bottle also carries the energy and fragrance of these majestical plants. 

This is perfect post washing and bathing to hydrate the entire body, leaves the skin feeling deeply nourished whilst scenting the skin with heavenly natural fragrances of rose. 

Each bottle of Damascena Hand & Body Lotion is infused with precious aromatics of:

Rosa Damascena:  A beautifully pure expression of rosa damascena, produced in tiny quantities from the only organically certified producer in the hills of Damascus, Syria.  These ancestral roses are from cuttings from the village of Erneh which are over 90 years old. 

A 2020 vintage, harvest period March – April and produced in minuscule quantities.

Rosa Damascena: Another beauty from our collection, this is from Dare-Noor, Nangarhar in eastern Afghanistan on the border with Pakistan. Part of the wonderful Welthungerhilfe aid project that helps farmers grow, produce and make a living from roses rather than opium poppies. Distilled in traditional copper stills and stored in Florentine bottles to separate the oil from the water (hydrosol). 

Santalum album / Sandalwood: Direct from our friends in Indonesia who champion sustainability in sandalwood production across the country. An aged Santalum album heart wood, this oil interacts on the skin deliciously revealing long sensuous notes; a wonderful expression of sandalwood. 

Polianthes tuberosa / Tuberose: Known in India as Rajanigandha meaning ‘night fragrance’. This is an intoxicating 2019 vintage of freshly harvested and extracted flowers collected by local communities in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, southern India.  

Lotus Balm

Tuberose & Lotus Balm 

Inspired by the goddess of beauty Lakshmi who is often represented standing on the sacred pink lotus flower with lotus flower in hand. This is an ethereal, heavenly and deeply nourishing balm formulated with florals and oils of pink lotus, tuberose and sandalwood, infused in to a hydrating base of tuberose wax, aloe vera, and fresh argan, hemp and coconut oils. Use to moisturise peripheries, hair or simply wear as subtle perfume. 

Nelumbo nucifera / Pink Lotus flower: 2019 sustainable harvest of fresh pink lotus flowers, hand-picked by local communities in Nagarkoli, Tamil Nadu in southern India. This is a clear and pure extraction of pink lotus, beguiling ethereal floral top notes, that sings so beautifully on the skin and in the mind. 

Polianthes tuberosa / Tuberose: Known in India as Rajanigandha meaning ‘night fragrance’. This is an intoxicating 2019 vintage of freshly harvested and extracted flowers collected by local communities in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, southern India. A pure aromatic plant wax infused with the fragrant oils of tuberose is left post extraction and used to give texture and depth of aroma to our balm.

Santalum album / Sandalwood: Another beauty of a sandalwood oil from Indonesia, this one extracted from 25yr old trees from sustainable forests on Timor Island. Elegant and pure, a fine expression of freshly harvested heart wood with a sensual finesse on the skin. 

Connected to nature - 100% plant based and vegan 

Freshly prepared – all of our formula are prepared in small batches by hand.

This is truly a bundle of love, a gift of nature, the perfect whole body self-care winter ritual for those special people in your life.

With love

The Herball

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