A blue perfume bottle and rosa damascena flowers in the background.
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Sandalwood Oil Distillation Plant
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Rosa Damascena in a dark background
A bunch of rosa damascenas.
Sandalwood Oil Distillation Plant


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  • Rare rose and sandalwood perfume 
  • Floral, ethereal, sensual and earthy
  • Natural and living fragrance, no fillers, dilution, chemicals or synthetics
  • 3 ml & Vegan 

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A breathtakingly beautiful expression of Rosa damascena infused into a sensual sandalwood distillate. 

One of our favourite rose distillates, a very precious freshly distilled Damascena rose from our friends in Kannauj, North India. Again produced in very limited quantities, its requires 4000KG of picked flowers to produce just 800gms of oil. 

A form of time travel this expression of the Damascena rose takes us to places, past, present and future like few other rose oils have.

A beautiful sandalwood oil from Indonesia, extracted from the heartwood of 25-30yr old trees from sustainable forests on Timor Island. So elegant and pure, a wonderful expression of freshly harvested sandalwood with a sensual finesse on the skin.

How best to enjoy

Swipe on wrists, move to neck and down the body to scent and carry the precious energy of these flowers and plants.

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