Now more than ever it’s a time for us to look after one another, the winter months offer us time and space for self-care and to create beautiful simple rituals for ourselves and our loved ones. We tend to spend more time inside and transitioning from one extreme environment to another, so it’s a good time to keep the skin super nourished, protected and moisturised whilst keeping our souls uplifted with sensual and heavenly natural fragrances. 

Winter is a perfect time to offer an authentic gift to ourselves and to our loved ones, a gift from nature, a gift of well-being, a gift that makes us feel truly nourished, loved and of course smelling beautiful. 

This year we are delighted to introduce our bundles of pleasure, created for beautiful self-care rituals that cleanse, nourish, moisturise and lift the senses and authentically support your connection to nature. Explore them here. 

Damascena Roses

#1  The sensual cleanse and hydrate bundle

A dream paring of our Rose & Melissa Soap and our Damascena Hand & Body Lotion to create a sensual self-care ritual, leaving your skin cleansed, refreshed, moisturised and heavenly scented during the winter months.  

Lotus Flower

#2 Whole body cleanse and nourish bundle 

We have added layers, dimensions and fragrances to our first bundle with the addition of our deeply hydrating and nourishing Lotus & Tuberose Balm to create the ultimate whole body self-care ritual. 

Restorative Grooming Bundle

#3 Restorative grooming bundle 

Pairs our Ruh Khus (vetiver) Soap and Sandal & Agarwood (oud) Face Oil, combined  here for optimal and easy, cleansing, moisturising, restoration and grooming. Suitable for hands, face, hair, beards and body, it will leave you and your loved ones feeling and smelling beautiful over winter. 

Ruh Khus

#4 Cleanse & moisturise bundle 

This sensual and ultra-hydrating combination pairs our Ruh Khus (vetiver) soap with our heavenly scented Agarwood (oud) & Labdanum cream, paired for the ultimate cleansing and moisturising ritual. 

Other grooming gifting ideas 

Easy grooming ritual with our Sandalwood & Agarwood Face Oil – the ultimate super hydrating all in one grooming ritual, perfect post shaving, bathing and washing, leaves skin and hair, moisturised to the max and smelling ridiculously good. Perfect for post shaving and for grooming facial hair. Pairs well in bundle #3 with our Ruh Khus soap.

Add an additional layer of scent with our pure Ruh Khus (vetiver) perfume, where wild harvested distilled vetiver roots create an earthy, deep, complex and dynamic fragrance, swiped on the skin for a wonderful expression of pure vetiver. 

Sensual skin hydration and self care gifting ideas 

A true expression of the Damascena rose, this is a luxurious hand & body hydrating lotion infused with some or our most precious rose distillates in combination with vintage sandalwood and hints of hypnotic tuberose. Highly moisturising and nourishing for the skin, each bottle also carries the energy and fragrance of these majestical plants. A beautiful gift of love. Pairs well in bundles #1 and #2 with our Melissa & Rose Soap.

Add another dimension of sensual with our Gulab (rose) pure perfume, a breathtakingly beautiful expression of Rosa damascena infused into a sensual sandalwood oil. Pure and natural fragrance at its best, swiped on the body to scent and carry the precious energy of these flowers and plants.

All of our products are made by hand in very small batches

Connected to nature – all of our formulas are plant based and vegan 

We work directly with the communities who grow and produce the nature you find in each bottle, In dealing directly with producers and their communities, we undertake to ensure that everyone is supported fairly.

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