A blue perfume bottle made of glass with the letter H printed on it.
A blue perfume bottle uncapped with the cap next to the bottle leaning on a white pouch.
A blue perfume bottle uncapped with the cap next to the bottle, on a white surface
Jasminum sambac flowers on a hand and in the background.
A field of jasminum sambac flowers.


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An incredibly beautiful expression of pure Jasmine sambac (motia) flowers infused into a sensual sandalwood distillate.


Jasminum sambac: An undiluted pure distillation of the hand-picked jasmine flowers, distilled in minuscule quantities by Deg Bhapka hydro distillation in Kannauj, North India. It takes around 40 KG of flowers to produce just 6-8 gms of Motia oil, it’s a very precious oil indeed.

This distillate gets to the very heart of jasmine, with an energy and vibrancy like few others we have tried, it’s not just sweet florals, this is ethereal multi-dimensional raw fragrance at its finest.

Santalum album: A beauty of a sandalwood oil from Indonesia, extracted from the heartwood of 25-30yr old trees from sustainable forests on Timor Island. So elegant and pure, a wonderful expression of sandalwood heartwood, with a sensual finesse on the skin.

How to enjoy

Swipe on wrists, move to neck and down the body to scent and carry the precious energy of these flowers and plants.

3ml pure aromatics. Vegan.


Jasminum sambac & santalum album