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An incredible blend of Kashmiri saffron soaked and distilled in Mysore sandalwood, blended with Hainan oud and North Indian Damascena Rose. Unbelievable.

  • Deeply sensual & otherworldly. 
  • Natural and living fragrance, no fillers, dilution, chemicals or synthetics
  • 3 ml of pure fragrance. Vegan. 
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Santalum album, Crocus sativus, Aquilaria sinensis, Rosa damascena.

A deeply sensual blend of Kashmiri saffron infused and co-distilled into Mysore sandalwood, blended with a rare Hainan oud and a beautiful North Indian rose. 


Crocus sativus 

Pure Kashmir saffron moistened with rose water is slow-cooked twice in Mysore sandalwood oil and co-distilled in sandalwood over the period of 15 days, the saffron is replaced with a fresh batch of stigmas every 4-5 days. An extremely labour intensive process yielding a heavenly fragrance like no other, it's a breathtakingly beautifully authentic expression of saffron. 

Santalum album 

Sensual sandalwood oil from India, extracted from the heartwood of 20-30yr old trees from sustainable forests. Soft, creamy and sensual soaked and co-distilled with the saffron. 

Aquilaria sinensis 

A beauty of an oud from Hainan, clean, fragrant, with hints of sweet, deep, voluptuous spice and Ceylon cinnamon. A delightful expression of Hainan oud. 

Rosa Damascena

A pure distillation of the hand-picked Rosa damascena flowers, distilled in tiny quantities by Deg Bhapka hydro distillation in Kannauj, North India. A stunning, distillation full of personality, its raw fragrance at its finest. 

How best to enjoy

Swipe on wrists, move to neck and down the body to scent and carry the precious energy of these rare plants and flowers.