A group of women harvesting argan fruit next to a tree.


By Michael Isted

A group of women harvesting argan fruit next to a tree.

Argania spinosa / Argan oil from Arganics

We formulate with argan oil for its remarkable hydrating, anti-inflammatory and skin protecting properties, we love argan oil and it is a key ingredient in our products. We are grateful to Dana Elemara at Arganics who gives us direct access to some of the finest raw, unrefined Argan oil.

argan oil desert

The Argan oil is single-origin and produced in the north-west of Morocco about 20km from Essaoura. It's produced by Sidi Yassine who employ over 600 local Berber women in fair conditions.

  • It takes 50 hours and 100kg of fruit to produce 1 litre
  • By working meticulously on quality and hygiene standards and keeping to single origin rather than mixing batches from different farms ensures that we have the finest quality argan oil. The natural, mild smell means there is no need to deodorize or refine the oil.
  • The argan seeds are pressed immediately after extraction thus avoiding oxidation and maintaining the precious health benefits.
argan seeds
  • Harvest takes place once a year in the late summer, when the fruits are ripe and naturally fall to the ground.
argan fruits tree
      Argan Tree
      • Once collected the fruit is left to dry in the sun, the dried fruit can last for years without affecting the quality of the oil. It is only when the seed is extracted that properties begin to diminish.
      • The dry fruit is peeled away by hand and the smooth hard kernels are cracked open by hand with rocks to reveal 1-3 seeds.
      • The seeds are cold-pressed using a mechanical press.
      • The dried fruit is fed to goats and the hard kernels are sold off for scrubs and used in pottery, with the residual pulp from pressing used as fuel.

      Dana has spent years researching argan oil, on a quest to find the most vibrant oil in the world, which is how the partnership with Sidi Yassine came about. We are proud to integrate this precious oil into our formula.


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      Cannabis sativa L.Cold pressed, unrefined Organic Hemp Seed oil from Margent Farm, Cambridgeshire, UK

      Another essential part of our formula is fresh hemp seed oil produced and extracted by our friends at Margent Farm each year. A beautiful oil packed full of skin nourishing polyunsaturated fatty acids that captures the essence and vibrancy of the majestic Finola hemp varietal.


      marijuana plants field

      Hemp captures carbon as it grows, absorbing and converting it to biomass whilst releasing oxygen, which contributes to replenishing the atmosphere. The hemp crops grown on Margent Farm are used for fibre (bio-plastics, sustainable building and textile materials) and seed.

      Finola is dioecious, an auto-flowering hemp variety with a short stature, high yield, and it is presently one of the most popular seed cultivars. The seed from the Finola hemp is harvested in late summer, early autumn where it is meticulously cleaned and gently air dried at low temperatures over several days in the barns of Margent Farm.

      The seed is then cold pressed with a traditional screw press. Unrefined and gently filtered it maintains all the vitality from the plant and is a dark green colour with a vibrant grassy aroma.


      Margent Farm is an organic hemp farm located in Cambridgeshire practicing regenerative farming methods. The name Margent comes from ‘margin’ surrounding the 53 acres of arable fields, which acts as a production zone and natural habitat for wildlife.


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