Plant Portals

We wanted to write a little more about our processes, philosophy and rationale for The Herball product range. We have built up a collection of aromatics and have a beautiful network of small producers from around the world, for us it was about offering access points to share these aromatics with you. We wanted to create simple wearable expressions of the plants, nature, people, places and communities that we work with, that are great for the skin but also carry the energy and precious fragrance of these plants. Image: Margent Farm - Hemp Farm At The Herball we always talk about being a conduit for nature and creating touch points or portals to the plants, this can be through a...

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Distillates of Kannauj, India.

In conversation with Pranjal Kapoor of M. L. Ramnarain  We are honoured to work with Pranjal and lean on his experience, his family have a long history and heritage of plant extraction, particularly with sandalwood. Pranjal can you tell us a little more about M. L. Ramnarain, its heritage, inspiration and philosophy? M.L. Ramnarain Perfumers is the parent company of Manau Lal Ramnarain Perfumers which is operating with the 5th generation taking the legacy forward in the same line of business and more. The story began over a century ago with my forefathers initially trading essential and edible plant oils. One thing led to another and we have been continuously evolving with a determination to maintain our traditions but move...

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