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By Michael Isted


rosa damascenas

We wanted to write a little more about our processes, philosophy and rationale for The Herball product range.

We have built up a collection of aromatics and have a beautiful network of small producers from around the world, for us it was about offering access points to share these aromatics with you. We wanted to create simple wearable expressions of the plants, nature, people, places and communities that we work with, that are great for the skin but also carry the energy and precious fragrance of these plants.

Image: Margent Farm - Hemp Farm

At The Herball we always talk about being a conduit for nature and creating touch points or portals to the plants, this can be through a scent, a herbal medicine, a drink or a topical on the skin, ultimately it’s the same goal we want to hook you up with the power and beauty of nature.

The scents featured in our range are pretty exotic, they are forms of time travel, particularly during this period when we are spending more time at home. These fragrant portals offer us access into beautiful new worlds, to ancient memories, places, people, a journey deep into the land and into our own souls, it can be a spiritual connection.

We work directly with our producers, ensuring that the communities benefit from any financial exchanges, ensuring workers and communities are paid correctly for their tireless work. Take rose oil for example it can take around 5-6 tons of flowers to produce just 1KG of oil. Just think about the amount of work it takes to grow, nourish, harvest, clean, distill and bottle that 1KG of oil. That needs to be respected and a main reason for our transparency.

Image: Lotus flower processing, Nagarkoli, Tamil Nadu, India.

We are very transparent about all of our ingredients and formula, we want you to know, we want you to connect, we want you to enjoy and celebrate these plants as we do.  So if there is anything further you wish to know about any of our products do not hesitate to reach out and ask.

Talking of roses some of the images you see here are from what we believe to be the only certified organic rosa damascena plantations left in Damascus, Syria, these images were taken by our dear friend Roula Ali-Adeeb.

We are partnering with Roula and her team at Biocham to produce a season of our Damascena Hand & Body Lotion infused with their organic Damascena rose, with all profits going to a Syrian orphanage, this will be going on line in May. You’ll be the first to know.

Just a note on packaging, we are working towards being more sustainable, we could do more for sure, we know this, for example we have plastic on our lids and pumps but we urge our clients to reuse all bottles and packaging and we will happily send refills.

We are on the cusp of change where affordable plastic free alternatives become more available for small businesses like ours so we hope to be plastic free shortly.

Thank you again for all of your support we hope that these products, words and creative touch points with nature bring you much joy.

With love




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