Self Care: What does it mean to The Herball?

Self Care: What does it mean to The Herball?

By Michael Isted

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‘Make time for quietness and time to truly open your heart and mind, love the trees, the plants, the river, the other humans’. - Ram Dass

Self-care has been a phrase used lots recently, what does it mean to us?

Self-care is a very simple principle of looking after or taking care of oneself, the development of practices that can easily be infused into daily life to promote, resilience, wellness, pleasure and health. Giving us the strength and ability to perform optimally as living breathing biological and spiritual beings. 

Health – from the Old English word hælþ meaning wholeness, of being whole, sound or well

Self-care practices are simple rituals and activations of activities that help to maintain our vitality, health and wellbeing. To engage in constant communication – engagement – connection with ourselves, our communities, environment and nature. 

To quote the great Ivan Illich ‘the generic attribute of self-care is its nonprofessional, nonbureaucratic, nonindustrial character; it’s natural place in social life – effective health care depends on self-care’. 

These very simple principles have been somewhat lost in much of mainstream medicine, business and society.  

Practices of stillness, walking in nature, true cooking / mindfully engaging with your ingredients, bathing and the authentic practices of SPA - sanus per aquam (that’s for another post), the scent of a particular plant, the application of a lotion to the skin, the ingestion of one or more plants, for us it is that connection to nature. Self-care starts and ends with nature. 

As herbalists and formulators we are obsessed with working with our clients and communities to support them, to show them the ways in which they can engage and apply nature-centric creative self-care practices into their lives. 

An integral part of the creation of our products was to create moments of self-care for you, a connection to nature, whether through the application of a pure, raw, living fragrance to the skin, the uplifting effects of a certain scent to the central nervous system or the nourishment of the skin with a particular plant oil. 

The formulation process is an act of self-care for us, we make time and space, it’s a mindful and meditative process, we hope that shines through in our products and work. 

We have two special self-care packages to share with you, discover the collection here.

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  • Its nearly a year now using the Herball products they seem to last forever since only small amounts need to be used for optimum results.
    I love the smell of roses and it is so refreshing to find a product which is made of natural ingredients.
    The Herball Damascena Hand & Body lotion not only smells divine. The consistency is rich without leaving the hands sticky.
    One drop of the Damascena soap is enough to wash the face and leaves you in a rose garden.
    The Tuberose & Lotus Balm feels like a liquid gem.
    The smallest amount is needed to leave the face moisturised and glowing the whole day smelling like summer.
    Very happy with the Herball products and highly recommend.

    Michaela AUGUSTIN on

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