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A black perfume bottle with flowers in the background
guaiac flower / guaiacum officinale / guaiac scent perfume
Pink Frangipani, fragrances


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3ml of pure, natural and living fragrance, no fillers, dilution, chemicals or synthetics. 

The first of our conceptual scents, inspired by the prime years (74-78) of Lee Perry's The Black Ark studio, Washington Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica. 

Inside The Black Ark, Lee Perry channelled his soul through the most basic of equipment to produce some of the most spellbinding and dynamic musical productions and vibrations ever created. This scent produced in very limited quantities is a homage and a channelling of this incredible art. We’ll be delving deeper into the concept and production of this scent via the journal shortly. 


Smoke infused and burnt vintage reel to reel tape ultrasonically infused into a base of koji fermented ginger, hibiscus, sandalwood, and raw agarwood resin. Blended with balsam torchwood, vintage guaiac heartwood, Jamaican allspice and mango leaf, wild cannabis, mango ginger, patchouli, and hypnotic florals of Jamaican Fire (red frangipani), white frangipani and ylang-ylang. Bottled by hand with vibrations of The Black Ark. 


Amyris balsamifera, Bulnesia sarmientoi, Santalum album, Aquilaria sinensis, Cannabis sativa, Mangifera indica, Curcuma amada, Pimenta officinalis, Pogostemon cablin, Zingiber officinale, Hibiscus sabdariffa, Benzyl acetate, Smoke infused burnt ORWO reel to reel tape, Plumeria alba & rubra.

How to enjoy

Swipe on wrists, move to neck and down the body to scent and carry the precious scent and energy of this fragrance. 

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